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Mango Crush

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We can’t even begin to tell you the possibilities of what you can do with crushes. Smoothies, alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, yogurt-based drinks, plain juices, and so on – there are endless possibilities. Make delicious drinks with convenience and ease. If you want to get experimental with your drinks, it is always a good option to buy crushes. They help in setting the base of your drink, which otherwise would have been a task. What’s more is that most of these crushes don’t require you to add extra sugar. These crushes come with an appropriate amount of sugar. All you have to do is get the other ingredients for your drinks.

Mollify the longing for mango with Mango Crush. It adds a great taste of fresh mango which is loved by all. Enjoy the taste with your mouth-watering smoothies to add on a delightful flavor according to your choice. It leaves the taste of ripped mango which will make you content.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, mango pulp, mango pieces, acidity regulator, preservative and permitted colors and flavor.

USP: Product has 25% fruit content (Mango pulp – 15%, Mango pieces – 10%)

Applications: Smoothies, Ice cream topping, Milk shakes, Cheese cakes, Mousse, yoghurt, Cakes, Lassi, Tart, Truffle and more.

Net Content: 1.2 kgs

Shelf Life: 12 Months

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