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Chocolate Wrapping


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Paper Cup (Pack of 650)

Rs. 210.00

Classic brown paper cups for wrapped chocolates, with an elegant golden outer border. Cups are made of grease-resistant Swedish paper; which resist wilting, staining, and will not draw butter fat from chocolates.Top Diameter (mm): 40Bottom Diameter (mm): 30Height (mm): 15Quantity per pack: 650 pieces

Twist Ties (Pack of 400)

Rs. 25.00

A twist tie used for packaging. They work well with Potli Wrappers and Aluminium Foil Wrappers on chocolates.Length (cm): 8Quantity per pack: 350-400 pieces

Aluminium Wrapping Foil (Pack of 200)

Rs. 495.00

Coloured aluminium wrapping foil with embossed texture for wrapping chocolates.Sheet Size: 7" x 10"Quantity per pack: 200 sheets Note: Chocolates are for illustration only, and don't come with the product.

Clear Piping Bags

Rs. 535.00 Rs. 455.00

A transparent piping bag, where the roll has 24 individual bags. Depending on the usage, these bags can be washed and re-used a few times.Size(cm): 41 x 21Quantity per roll: 24 bags

Tulip Cup Yellow Small (Pack of 100)

Rs. 200.00

These Tulip Baking Cups are made with high quality Swedish Grease-Proof baking paper. Each cup has four tulip ‘petals’, and the bold colour adds a touch of style to your ordinary baking cup. Depth measurements are taken from the lowest point of where two adjoining petals meet as well as to the tips. Not a free-standing baking cup.Bottom Diameter (mm): 35 mmHeight...

Tulip Cup Brown Large (Pack of 200)

Rs. 575.00

Ecopack tulip cups are made from non-stick, greaseproof paper, approved for direct food contact. Ecopack tulip cups are made using pulp-coloured paper, which does not release colour during cooking. Tulip moulds require metal trays for baking. Bottom Diameter (mm): 50 mmHeight (mm): 70 mmQuantity per pack: 200 pieces