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Mould 602

Rs. 59.00

Cacao® Professional Mould made from 100% virgin and food grade PVC plastic. They are compatible with both compound and couverture. The mould material is a special formulation that gives it a unique capability to cool chocolates evenly and allows for easy de-moulding on tapping.

This is the fit-in-place chocolate concept with the Ganesh Chaturti theme. You will have 20 small modaks on the thali/plate and 1 big modak to be placed on the hand.

Use with: 1 Cav. Box, 15 Combo Tray Box

Chocolate Size (mm): 126 x 126 x 16
Chocolate Weight (gms): 95
Number of Cavities: 2

Note: The image show chocolate made from the mould. The actual mould is transparent, flexible, and reusable multiple times.

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